Lessons From my Chinese Friend

This is one of the smartest people you can come across, and very humble at the same time. He smiles all the time, no matter what. In his broken English, he can be an extremely erudite speaker.

“If I write one line about my life, I say: When you think that your life is going to change, it can come back again to start.

“I don’t want many money; I just want to take care of my parents and make my country nice.”

“When I go to my college in China, I am below average. There are 200 students in my college. But in last year, I come to top 10. So now, I never feel bad even if some thing not go nice at the start. I always know that after some time, things will get better.”

Changhong Li, all the very best to you! I am glad I came to the PSI program, and made wonderful friends like yourself.


Bhangra Magic

Regardless of nationalities, languages, cultures, there is something universal about the energy that Bhangra brings in!

Chakk De Phatte: With Prasanna and Bruno

Eric, Bruno and Prasanna having a Bhangra blast