This year, I am spending my vacation with the most awesome kids in Delhi. These kids are among the most generous you will ever meet, although they have little to call their own. They reside in thickly populated inner streets of Bhajanpura, but many of them lead lonely lives. For the 70 of them who are lucky enough to be part of education at Parichay, there are another 50,000 who will not be able to spell their names correctly.

I will be sharing their stories, and what I am learning from them, in this blog. The more you learn about them, the more inspired and you will be.


From AID Delhi’s page:

Parichay is a registered NGO; In 2000, Mr. Vijay Bajpai started Parichay in Tukhmirpur area of East Delhi. Parichay operates in a small basti where people are from very poor socio-economic background. He started this project out of his sheer interest in social work, as he observed that most of the children in the locality do not go to school and the youth are an ignorant mass. The people lacked the sense of hygiene and almost all children suffered from one or the other disease. His journey was tough as he started all on his own, until he collaborated with AID Delhi.


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