Keeping it short:

Do your best.

Leave the rest.



Long-distance vs. Sprinting, or ‘The Role of a Teacher’

It was during a casual coffee chat that A and I found ourselves discussing trekking and sports. Turns out he has been to the glaciers above Badrinath, right along the Indo-China border. I asked him about how he trained, and he said:

I was not in to sports. It was during my first year in IIT, that I began getting up early in the morning to go and run. It went on for about a year, until one morning when I ran in to the institute coach. He stood in the park keeping an eye on me, and then asked me to run slower.

The coach watched — pleasantly surprised — as I completed 12 rounds. Then he asked me to race another guy. I tried it about seven times, but I always lagged. (It) felt terrible. The coach came to me and said “Don’t sweat over this. Sprinting is for those whose body muscles have quick response. You are better suited for long-distance running. Focus there, and develop yourself more.” It was that motivation which eventually helped me win long-distances races, trek for adventures, and enjoy so much more.

The conversation left me wondering. How many of us keep sprinting without realizing that we’re long-distance runners, or vice-versa? How critical is the role of a good teacher in life?

Some New Year Thoughts and Bertrand Russel on God

I wouldn’t be up to keeping specific New year resolutions, so I tell myself that new-year resolutions cramp us more than they free us. Instead, focus is best achieved out of inspiration.

I am beginning the New Year with some ideas and inspirations. First, the idea of less, but the best. To live a life inspired by simplicity and quality.


1. Less Online, More Onlife

Social networking websites begin to steal some of our real life when we cross the edge. I have begun by restricting posting features to my facebook account. Hope to use it less and less frequently.

P.S. — If you are at the over the edge, check out this ‘web suicide‘ tool.


2. Write, Design

The joy of writing could be translated in to writing more regularly. I have missed doing graphic design and drawing. Would like to pick up a chance when possible. For some beautiful inspirations on design, check out the posts at Web Designer Depot.


3. Simple. Less. Best.

Have fewer wants. More freedom. Focus. Some useful and practical inspirations here.


That’s it for now. On a different note, let me leave you with some parting thoughts on God. From the one and only, Bertrand Russel in this interview: