Alice and Bob in Wonderland

Child-like questions are both innocent and beautiful. Almost every one of us has asked: why is it dark at night?

Well, it is not just because the sun is on the ‘wrong’ side (the universe has billions and billions of stars, as good as the sun when it comes to brightness, so shouldn’t the entire cosmos be lit up everywhere by now?). The innocent question actually leads us to a beautiful thought about the origins of the universe.

And if the earth and moon attract each other by gravity, why doesn’t the moon simply fall down?

The Alice and Bob collection of videos from Perimeter Institute is a timely outreach effort. It answers these questions while retaining the spirit of humour and child-like curiosity. These speak to the kid in each one of us!

Play the clip below for the answer to the falling moon question.

You can watch the rest of the videos here.


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