Make a Difference. Teach for India.

As a kid, I remember thinking

I wish I had a teacher whom I could ask anything. How did the universe begin? How did living things come in to being? I wish my teacher was a friend, a mentor.

I was fortunate to be able to study in a very good school, with the best of teachers in my city. We would ask questions here and there, but I wish I could ask more, always. There was always something more lurking at the back of my mind that I wanted to be answered by someone knowledgeable. Little did I know that so many Indian children do not even have access to a school, let alone a good teacher; that over half the students drop out by upper middle school. Getting answers was not their biggest problem; most had not even learned to ask.

Some of the best times of my life have come while teaching at my own school. There are few things greater than the sense of fulfillment that one gets after sharing knowledge with young, creative minds.

It is to align this sense of purpose with education inequity in India, that Teach for India has stepped in. Their model is very similar to that of Teach for America: recruit brilliant, young minds as teachers, and help them connect with students who need them the most. They provide leadership and mentoring for their teachers, while making significant difference in the lives of young students.

Only in their nascent stage yet, TFI has already acquired a good batch of teachers from some of the best colleges and companies, all of whom have had enriching experiences. The program is looking for talented individuals, and provides generous financial income and housing support as per Indian living standards.

Below is a peek in to India, its children, the education system, and Teach for India. Get motivated. Make a difference!


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