A List of Inspirations to Keep

When it comes to life, I think the more important thing is not having never made mistakes, but not having repeated them.

With every step in time, there are experiences and lessons. And just as important as it is to learn things, I think the more important thing is to remember them. This blog is about some highlights of lessons and inspirations that come to mind right now. Feel free to click on the links and see if these inspire you, too!

1. Upbringing with grandparents: Simple living, high thinking

2. The years in school: Slow starts can last long, anything is possible.

3. Manveen Sandhu (school principal): Hard work, planning, focus and the joy in work!

4. Steve Job’s speech at Stanford: Creativity, Courage and Resolve

5. Randy Pausch’s last lecture: Perspective, Passion

6. Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead: Belief in oneself

7. Devdas Menon (IIT Madras): Place of spirituality in life

8. Jim Collin’s ‘Good to Great’: Simplicity of thought, Disciplined Action, Tireless Resolve

9. The Bhagwad Gita: Nishkaam karma

10. Isaacson’s “Einstein: His Life and Universe”: Einstein’s joyful quest for deeper truths of nature

Of course, this moment does not comprehend things in entirety or make an exhaustive list. But it feels good to keep a moment, any time!


4 thoughts on “A List of Inspirations to Keep

  1. I have interacted with Demon (Devadas Menon)!! and he is far from a demon ofcourse. I took a few courses from him (Structural analysis, and DOCS) and he is an amazing instructor too. Chilled guy in life, would definitely meet him when I go back.karthik

  2. Making mistakes … I don’t agree.Life is more like GRE. When in critical phases, a mistake is going to cost dearly!! No looking back, no way to correct it ….But yeah, the best is to not make it worse by repeating it!

  3. @karthik: yes, he is a nice person. thanks!@prashanth: thanks for stopping by. no one chooses to make a mistake, right? learning not to repeat is however a matter of initiative and choice, isn’t it?@dhaarini: 🙂

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