A Message to Treasure

One of my role-models in life is the principal of my school. I studied at the Spring Dale Senior School, Amritsar. And our principal is a brilliant lady who virtually transformed garage classes in to one of the best schools in Punjab (if you ask me, one of the best in the world!). Without digressing in to how much I admire her vision and qualities, I have to share a message she sent me a few days ago. It is an answer to queries from a student to a teacher. The teacher’s response came from the vision, experience and wisdom of several successful years. I have to share this brilliant message, and also my commitment to live by the ideas of my teacher.

Mrs. Manveen Sandhu

Dear Saurabh,
Thank you for such a lovely mail. …

Let me share a few important things that I learnt in the last 20 years.

The road to success is actually paved with small obstacles that need to be overcome on a day to day basis. If not sorted they get magnetically bonded to form a big boulder that obstructs your passage beyond redemption.

Dream big but think small.

When you set your target on small goals even the bigger mission starts falling in place.

Whenever you are undecided about a task think-Does this harm me or anyone else? If not- do it. Don’t ask-Does it benefit me or not?

And the last golden rule:
Essentially you are alone in this world. Never have expectations from anyone else but yourself. Everything is transient. Change is the only constant. What you want today you might outgrow tomorrow but don’t deny yourself today because only then shall you outgrow tomorrow.

To come into the real world rather than the philosophical one. Money is very important. Earn it the right way- it will always be enough. Earn it the wrong way- it will never be enough. First earn it and invest it, then spend it and share it. If you use it wisely you shall be its master but if you squander it you will always be its slave. So part one “Earn it and invest it” should be your plan one where in you provide for yourself and your family. The second part that will probably come 20 years later “Spend it and share it” will be your time for philanthropy and social responsibility. Yes, it is better not to depend on external avenues because you will have to do what you are asked to do and not what you want to do.

Keep in touch constantly.
With lots of love and best wishes

Precious words, which I will always treasure…


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