And it Snowed at Penn…

shaayari, khayalon ki
mehez ik tasveer
hi to hoti hai.

kyon dekhoon use,

jab nazaara khud
aankhon ke
saamne khada ho?

18 Jan, 2007.


15 thoughts on “And it Snowed at Penn…

  1. wow….barish ki boondein tan par padkar man sheetal kar jati hainbaraf ki boondein(???)is tarah se padti hain ki doodh si safedi tann, mann, nazara sab sheetal kar jati hainabhi toh shayari khayalon ki hi haikisi din nazara bhi dekh lenge :)filhaal u revel in god’s infinite beauty, bless u!

  2. i wish the camera was mine…and for the beautiful lines, from another famous “Ghalib”hain aur bhi duniya main sukhanwar bohot achchekehte hain ke “ghalib” ka hai andaaz-e-bayaa(n) aur

  3. Beautiful.Silence speaks for the beauty that you have derived.the images speak… and its words are prominant…”Bikhari hui zulfoon ko girahgeer bana loRakhna hai mujhe kaid toh zanjeer bana loKaagaz pe lakeere toh bohot kheech li tumneAb sabko mila kar meri tasveer bana lo”:)so i am not that bad at hindi huh?!

  4. Hey are truly lovely and the one i liked the most is that of a tree with golden leaves….in biological language…with depigmented leavesAnyhow.thanks for sharing this wonderful collection with me…….I would like you to teme more about this blogtill we meet again take care and be safeLoveAnshu

  5. Hmmm……I am not going to leave any fancy adjectives or similes since the pictures speak for themselves!I just hope that you enjoyed the “nazaara” with someone!! 😀

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