And it Snowed at Penn…

shaayari, khayalon ki
mehez ik tasveer
hi to hoti hai.

kyon dekhoon use,

jab nazaara khud
aankhon ke
saamne khada ho?

18 Jan, 2007.


things to do – One life too short!

The years between 22-30 are believed to be the most productive in a man’s life. When you’re a 23-year old guy, you ask yourself every morning you wake up – am I doing the most important thing that I can do at this time in my life?

For me, there are loads of things which are important. However, there’s no the most important thing for now!

In my lifetime, I know that I wish to:

1. understand the physics of confined systems in the context of nanoelectronics
2. open an industry in india, or get involved with social entrepreneurship
3. contribute towards spreading equality, justice and freedom in the world
4. write some poetry, and earn enough money to be able to finance the publishing of my own book 😛 (‘cos i know no one else will do it)
5. be a teacher, and not get any financial output from it
6. travel to as many places as I possibly can
7. be a good son, brother, and human being.
8. work for the UN
9. present scientific literature in interesting form.
10. learn a dance, sketching and do loads of photography

there are many more, like going to tibet, doing adventure sports, doing a 400-mile bicycle tour, etc. And all the goals together form such a heterogenous set – I wonder how I will be able to connect the dots!

One life seems too short a time to do it all. Isn’t it so important that we knew what was the best thing to do at each instant, so that we spent maximum time of our life on things that’d give maximum output… ?