Future, Opportunities, and Science

‘Structure of Materials’ is a class that I had a lot of problems understanding. So, what’s big deal? Don’t all of us have problems with one or the other thing in life… ?

Well, yes, and no. This post is about the changing times of today, where most of us will have opportunities to solve most of our problems. For my structure class, I was looking across the web and I stumbled across video-taped lectures from an MIT prof. He has brilliantly conveyed subtle technical points of the subject, which could help even a sleepy student like me. At another place, I found this cool cartoon video which tries to make sense of the fascinating double-slit experiment, giving an insight in to wave-particle duality. Even a lay man would enjoy it. And then, there are hundreds of videos on physics, life, interviews, movies etc… (Someone had uploaded ‘Lagey Raho Munnabhai’ on google videos yesterday; of course it was brought down!)

I see a revolution here. I see light and education in villages… A rural kid can now listen to online lectures from MIT and Berkeley, for free. Curious students have all the resources accessible to them. Knowledge is getting decentralized like blitzkreig, and for the good!

Technology is bringing lots of positive changes in our world. And my heart tells me that this shall fare very well for a counry like ours, where we have so many bright people and enormous competition for even tiny opportunities. I am hopeful that this spread of knowledge will soon ensure that the ‘best’ and most deserving people will get an opportunity to make full use of their talent, be it as students of science, inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs or visionaries…