The Jean-Cap Teacher!

After having returned from the convocation, I’ve been visiting my school, this time as a teacher. I am taking classes for 8th and 9th.

When I enter the class, there is inevitably the bursting of chuckles from kids who see a guy dressed in jeans and T-shirts, comically sporting a Reebok cap, having come here to make the improbable attempt to teach them. When I start, someone would interrupt immediately, snapping “Sir, be loud.” When I’d resume another boy would suddenly say “Please switch on the side fan.” So yes, I do realize now that the other side in the school has difficult beginnings.

Surprisingly, however, once I start, things move effortlessly on their own. There is no “fixed agenda” which I carry to a class. The discussion evolves differently depending upon the mood of the students. We discuss about life, about the universe, about science, about attitudes, humility and character. We talk about Einstein, Feynman, the wave-particle duality and the mysterious nature of reality which makes life so interesting.

I and the students, we all do not even realize when the bell for the next period rings. In the recess, kids huddle around me and say “Hi, Saurabh!” (I asked them to address me by my first name.) They ask questions, look with a fondness towards me in their eyes, and that gives me a lot of happiness. I’ve always wanted to teach in school, to teach without fear, to teach with freedom, and am getting to do that.

There’s another week of lectures scheduled, and I hope I’d enjoy them as much as the ones completed. Meanwhile, packing and immunizations to do before I embark upon another adventurous chapter of life, far, faar away from where I am right now…


6 thoughts on “The Jean-Cap Teacher!

  1. wonderful!! have always wondered what it feels like to look at the class from the other side, at the benches u urself sat on, not so long ago [:)] – i bet the ‘world’ looks a lot different from this standpoint!! good goin dude – n nicely put too..

  2. @suppie, dhaarini: Thanks for dropping by. I am really enjoying it. And indeed, the world is different. Amongst the best thing of the other side is the sense of fulfillment that one derives from sharing light with others.

  3. Sharing the light especially when you feel enlightened is an experience. Nothing airy, just that you had some thoughts and the benchmark was life, it can only happen as you get mature, and those kids are lucky who get the vision early on. Good work!

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